Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

Did you know that not all plumbers can work with unvented hot water cylinders? It requires the services of those trained and qualified to work with electric water heaters.

At Hawkes Heating and Plumbing, our highly skilled plumbers and heating engineers have specialist training to install and repair domestic unvented hot water systems. We work with all makes and models, including Megaflo.

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    What Are the Benefits of Unvented Hot Water Cylinders?

    Unvented hot water cylinders are highly popular in homes across the nation, storing a high volume of on-demand hot water. This type of cylinder differs from traditional gravity-dependent vented systems because it’s connected to your incoming mains water supply, providing a higher water pressure throughout your property.

    Choose an unvented hot water cylinder to:

    • Get hot water whenever you need it
    • Balance and improve water pressure
    • Achieve a better performance from taps and showers
    • Fill baths quicker
    • Use less energy
    • Create a quieter system
    • Take up minimal space in any location

    After the installation, you’ll instantly notice the difference when operating multiple taps and showers within your home. If you’d like to upgrade your existing cylinder to a modern, unvented system, get in touch.

    Hawkes Heating and Plumbing provide quality and professional advice on every job carried out.

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    Water Heaters

    Unvented cylinders use gas, electricity or solar power to heat water to a pre-set temperature. For example, this could be through your boiler or an in-built immersion heater. When a tap or shower is turned on in your home, it provides immediate hot water from the system. However your unvented cylinder works, we ensure your home’s water heaters are up to scratch. We can even install an under-sink heater in your kitchen.

    If you’ve noticed a decline in the performance of your water heater, we can perform urgent diagnostics and emergency heating repairs, offering a 24/7 callout service. You could also look at improving your system if you’re planning any bathroom renovations, ensuring power showers and hot water taps flow at optimum levels.

    Megaflo Installers

    We’re Megaflo installers, giving you access to one of the best unvented hot water cylinders in the UK. As a trusted leading manufacturer, they produce highly efficient cylinders that provide unparalleled hot water performance. Megaflo offers a wide range of options for homeowners, including eco cylinders for increased energy-efficiency, systems compatible with solar electricity and a slimline cylinder for homes with limited space.

    We can install Megaflo unvented water cylinders in new build homes or in older properties as a water tank replacement. You’ll receive a manufacturer warranty for all the models we supply, which often comes with a lifetime guarantee against corrosion when installed in domestic properties.