Power Flushing

If you would like your heating system to work more efficiently, did you know you can evenly distribute warmth around your home with power flushing? Deposits from corrosion in the system can cause a build-up of magnetite, which can cause issues if not removed.

At Hawkes Heating and Plumbing, our engineers offer reliable domestic power flushing services to homes across South London, Surrey and surrounding areas.

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    Restoring your heating system

    What Is Power Flushing?

    If your boiler is making too much noise, it may be that the system is overworked. Or perhaps you’ve noticed cold patches on your radiators, indicating that heat isn’t distributed through your home as evenly as it should be.

    Power flushing removes a build-up of sludge, rust and deposits present in your central heating pipes, which are stopping the system from working as well as it should be. If the debris is left where it is, it could reduce the efficiency of your boiler, eventually leading to a breakdown.

    Power flushing allows heat and hot water to flow freely throughout your home, using a pressurised machine to perform the deepest clean. All the techniques we use are completely safe, ensuring no damage is caused to your system.

    Are your radiators not getting hot enough?  Are you finding cold-spots or some rooms taking too long to heat up?  Book in a Hawkes Heating and Plumbing powerflush service.

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    Other Central Heating Services

    As heating experts, power flushing can be selected as a standalone treatment or performed as part of other services we provide.

    Choose Hawkes Heating and Plumbing for boiler services, gas works, unvented water heaters and specialist bathroom heating. We also offer 24/7 emergency callouts for any urgent matters, such as boiler breakdowns.

    We aim to repair the issue in the first visit, sourcing local parts if required.

    What We Cover

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